About Diversité Europe

Diversité Europe was born from discussions about the limited presence of staff from ethnic minorities among staff of the various EU institutions, bodies and agencies. It aims to be a credible interlocutor for these organisations to improve the current situation of staff from ethnic or racial minorities and help the EU achieve its objective of becoming a Union of Equality. 

The association aims to 

– Support EU Institutions staff members victim of racism, discrimination or harassment in their work place linked to their race, ethnicity or religious convictions

– Promote and advocate for their inclusion at all career levels in the EU institutions and bodie

– Provide a safe space for staff from ethnic or racial minorities to share their experiences and voice their concerns 

– Provide educational material to combat unconscious biases 

– Contribute to EU anti-discrimination and anti-racism policies and action in Europe 

– Contribute to promoting the attractiveness of the EU Institution and bodies as working place for all, including people from ethnic and racial minorities 

The association adheres to European values as expressed in the Treaty of the European Union and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, including pluralism, diversity and non-discrimination. 

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  1. Shada Islam

    Well done!
    Delighted at your initiative and happy to help if/when needed.
    Best wishes,
    Shada Islam

  2. Jonathan Todd

    Excellent initiative! I hope it helps to tackle the EU institutions’ long-standing refusal to recognise the issue and to take measures to remedy the situation.

    Jonathan Todd

  3. Eje

    Great initiative! I strongly hope this goes beyond good intentions. The problem is real. Thank you.
    Eje Philip Nweke

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